Experience matters. Our two decades of providing counsel to over 50 national and international companies have given us a focused lens to create your favorable results.

Research & Analysis

BCI’s first step toward accomplishing your goals is understanding your business and your competitive environment. This usually takes the form of a formal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of your business, its website or collateral, and its products or services, in addition to your competitor’s. This is particularly important when developing a branding campaign, so we can distinguish and communicate what makes your organization unique.

Branding & Positioning

Your brand is who you are in your audience’s mind, your “personality” or “identity.” Like many subjective things, a brand can be influenced. BCI’s services encompass all aspects of branding, including: identifying target audiences, crafting key messages to convey to audiences, identifying strategies to reach audience members, and executing those branding initiatives. BCI has worked with clients with varying levels of branding sophistication. From new start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, BCI has helped position all types of companies, products, and services as market leaders.

Digital & Graphic Design

BCI’s in-house team of designers are experts at communicating your key messaging through stellar design. Whether it’s proper and professional, or fun and flashy, our design team can translate your ideas into a unique visual style. Logos, websites, advertisements, digital newsletters, and brochures are just a few of the platforms BCI’s team has used to help numerous companies establish and maintain a visual identity.

Media Relations

BCI’s expertise is crafting and communicating client stories. We have a stellar reputation with media for quality work, compelling writing, and pitching newsworthy and creative storylines. Our writing and distribution team will utilize press releases, media alerts, pitch letters, and other press materials to help clients deliver key messages to their target audience. We have an excellent success rate of securing earned (free) media coverage for our clients, and maintaining positive relationships with media on behalf of our clients.

Influencer Relations

BCI’s influencer relations service leverages our expertise to craft a comprehensive strategy, key messaging, and appropriate platforms to lead and persuade members of the public, influencers, investors, partners, and stakeholders. Our extensive database of CEOs, elected officials, academics, investors, celebrities, professional athletes, and individuals of influence in virtually every industry will be leveraged to communicate your message to your target audiences.

Social Media Management

In today’s digital environment, social media is a necessary and powerful tool to reach target audiences. BCI assists companies, with varying levels of digital expertise, to develop and manage interactive, social media platforms to reach stakeholders and consumers. Many of BCI’s clients supplement a branding or media relations campaign with our social media services. Capabilities range from writing and developing a LinkedIn or Facebook profile for executives, to using measurable digital tools to reach bloggers, influencers, and consumers in a virtual realm. BCI can assist in driving your stakeholders to talk, share, watch, tweet, like, and link to your content.

Crisis Communications

A former broadcast news writer and anchor, Beth Binger has years of crisis communication experience, as well as “insider” media expertise. As with all BCI services, crisis strategy and execution are kept in strict confidence.


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